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Ton Sai Beach / Thailand
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Ao Nang Beach
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By Longtail boat from Ao Nang to Ton Sai Beach takes about 15 Minutes
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Ton Sai Beach - Climbing parades!
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Andaman Bamboo Bungalows for budget traveller
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Andaman Nature Resort Restaurant. Tom yam soup is very spicy!
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Wee's Rock Climbing School
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many Chill Out Bars in Ton Sai Beach
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Thai Massage for strained muscle and Tendon: Preventing Overuse Injuries
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I have seen a Scorpion only once.
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Chill Out Bar
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Best Coffee Haus in Thailand - After Tsunami!
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It's not worse to look at it!
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The powerful breakfast! - Phat thai pak.
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Grilled-Baracuda is popular in Ton Sai Beach und very delicious
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Relaxing at Green Valley Resort.
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Base jumper
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Kayaking is Fun
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Snorkeling. Amphibious camera is nice to have, but water is unfortunately a bit turbid.
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Thaiwand Wall and the view of Railey Beach
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Jens and Mischi on Organ Grinder / 6c
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Thaiwand Wall
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Railey Beach
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Thaiwand Wall
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Longtail Boat
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One-Two-Three Wall
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Knights in White Satain / 7b+
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One-Two-Three Wand: Massage Secrets 6a+
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One-Two-Three Wand: Massage Secrets 6a+
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Railey Beach East
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Muay Thai Wand - Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) 6b+
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Wee's Present Wall - I dont't know / 6a
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Ton Sai Tower
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Ton Sai Tower
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Ton Sai Tower
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Ton Sai Beach
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Bouldering in Dum's Kitchen Area
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Ton Sai Wall
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Spanish Wreck / 7c+
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Ton Sai Wall - since stupa brocken in early 2005, much harder now. Stalagasaurus / 6c
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Dum's Kitchen
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Ton Sai Wall - Lal Bab / 7a+
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Ton Sai Wall
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Ton Sai Wall
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Ton Sai Wall - Very popular multi-pitch, Humanality
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Michi on Humanality
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Ton Sai Beach
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Phra Nang Beach
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Phra Nang Cave
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Phra Nang Cave
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Beware of the monkeys. They are bandit!
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Jens on Burnt Offerings / 7a+.
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Fire Wall - soft graded The Groove Tube 6a
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Ton Sai Beach
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The Nest
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The Nest
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James Bond Island
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Diamond Cave
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Diamond Cave
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Bangkok - The famous Wat Arun , perhaps better known as the Temple of the Dawn, is one of the best known landmarks and one of the most published images of Bangkok
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Bangkok - Wat Arun
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Bangkok - Wat Arun
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Bangkok - Wat Intharawihan: the gigantic standing buddha image with alms-bowl in hands, facing east, is 32 meters tall
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Bangkok - Wat Intharawihan

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